We are commited to our properties!

PBS is committed to property preservation, achieving the owner’s objectives, and increasing the value of the property through our dedication towards personal and professional service. Quality, service, value, and innovation are what drive us. We invite you to consider the advantages we bring to every client. We’re ready to put our talents and resources to work for you.

PBS is constantly investing in the training of our staff. On an annual basis we send our leasing staff to leasing classes to make sure our staff maximizes their potential. We also send our staff to annual fair housing classes to ensure that we are operating in accordance with the law. All of PBS leasing staff is licensed by the National center for Housing Management and are certified Occupancy Specialists.

We Serve:

14 Low-Income Housing Projects
More than 3,000 Apartments Units
Residential Owner Association
Commercial and Office Owners Associations
Commercial Office Building

Full Service Management to meet all your needs

At PBS, our experienced professionals can assume everything from facility operations and maintenance duties, including janitorial, landscaping as well as all of administrative level demands. By outsourcing these functions to our management professionals, companies and agencies can redirect their resources to address their core business functions.

PBS facility management and our Team of Professionals provides Full service Facility to Owners, builders, developers of residential buildings, high rise condominiums & apartments condominium Homeowner Associations as well as commercial buildings.

Our Properties